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Agile Hardware Product Realization: Mastering the Journey from Concept to Scale

 Apply the 10 best practices of agile hardware realization to your new product introduction process

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Michael Keer

With over 30 years of experience in high-technology new product introduction, Michael Keer has established himself as a respected figure in development and manufacturing. As the founder of the Product Realization Group, Keer has assembled a team of consultants dedicated to providing solutions that help companies transition from concept to full market scale. PRG is a mission-driven organization that promotes products that positively impact people and the planet.
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Praise for Agile Hardware Product Realization 

Agile Hardware Product Realization distills the most relevant processes, tools, and techniques to allow organizations to flourish in a challenging macro environment.” 

George Lewis, VP of Strategic Business Development, PTC

“As a testament to its effectiveness, we followed this process to successfully launch Roost's first product in under a year, thanks to the early identification of hidden roadblocks. The invaluable lessons in this book are now deeply ingrained in our product development process, paving the way for another ten successful product launches and beyond.”

James Blackwell, CTO & Cofounder, Roost Inc.

“The mantra of “move fast and break things,” simply doesn’t work with hardware products. This book provides practical and valuable guidance to anyone walking the path of hardware product development.”

Lior Susan, Founder & Partner, Eclipse Ventures

“This book deeply resonates with my experience. The NPDI processes contained within are of tremendous value to hardware development teams.  It is a must-read for design and manufacturing professionals!”

Robert Bisaillon, Vice President of Manufacturing & Operations, Synopsys Inc.

“From resource management to MVP and beyond, Agile Hardware Product Realization packs decades of experience and understanding of the product development process into easily understandable methods and processes that any aspiring startup team can utilize.”

Martin Lynch, Chief Operating Officer, Freewire Technologies

“Keer details what most experienced product developers wish they had known earlier in their careers. The book lays out step-by-step details that help navigate the uncertainty that can be challenging when designing and releasing a new hardware product into the market.”

Mark Frederick, Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder, MakuSafe Corp.